3D body scan mobile app


Nettelo offers a suite of SaaS and mobile applications for remote body measurement and wearable products fitting. Its patented 3D body scan and analysis technology enables consumers to obtain personal 3D body model with smartphone providing businesses with customers’ remote measurements and product fitting services anytime and anywhere.

Anywhere 3D body scan on mobile

Anywhere: capture with smartphone

3D body scan male and female
3D body scan cloud solution

Anytime: analyze on the cloud

AI based 3D body modelling engine

AI based 3D modeling engine transforms a full body length selfie to the accurate 3D body model.

Mobile Self Scanning

Democratizing 3D body scanning through consumer sharing. Users self-scan at home with mobile devices, allowing businesses to access personal measurements and provide product fitting services with global reach.

Mass Customization

Unlocking mass customization through Made-to-Measure at scale with access to remote customers. This approach allows businesses to work with customer body shapes and metrics online, obtaining unlimited, customizable measurements tailored to specific business requirements.


Transforming PPE, uniform, and workwear markets with remote, fully digital, and global reach fitting processes. No costly fitting sessions, no pre-production samples. Reduced returns and execution time for orders.


Reducing product return rate while improving customer satisfaction for online and omnichannel businesses with 3D Fitting technology. The solution determines accurate and personalized fit and sizes across all types of body shapes. It visually assesses the garment fitting, including length and hemlines, on the user’s 3D body model. 

3D body scan female

Customizable Platform

Unparalleled flexibility with customizable mobile apps for professionals, a versatile API for Nettelo cloud services, and an SDK kit for iOS and Android. Designed to scale from individual professionals and SMBs to large enterprises, it enhances business processes, expands sales channels, and supports growth across markets.

Nettelo Products


Mobile 3D body scanning and analysis application for consumers.

Provides automatic 3D scan and digital body creation, analysis, and management for a single user. Enables users to share personal 3D digital body data with online vendors’ websites or businesses private cloud.

3D body scan for professionals

Nettelo Pro

Mobile 3D body scanning and analysis for professionals and businesses.

Enhances features of the Nettelo application for professional and business users with ability to compute 120 professional body measurements and with access to the advanced features and capabilities of Nettelo @Home cloud professional services.


A SaaS, mobile applications, and SDK suite for online and omnichannel businesses. 

Provides API access to Nettelo @Home and 3D fitting services from the e-commerce websites or business private cloudexpands NetteloPro app features to the network of business users. It enables embedded scanning functionality inside business mobile apps.

3D body scan at home on mobile device

@Home: Unlimited Scale Platform

Nettelo @Home platform works using sharing economy with consumers. Consumers self-scan in their home with a personal mobile device running Nettelo application and share their 3D body scan data with businesses automatically. It eliminates prohibitive cost and organizational hassle for the customer body shape and metric 3D data acquisition as well as body metrics data processing and analysis for businesses.

@Home platform creates unique opportunity for businesses to access the body shape and metrics data for every customer on-line as and when needed:

  • Capture 3D body scan data anywhere where your need to know your customers.
  • Obtain precise 3D body digital model for every customer.
  • Process, manage and analyze customer digital model with comprehensive analytics and 3D visualization right on the mobile device.
  • Use Nettelo secured API to directly access @Home cloud services from the business’ ecommerce website or business’ private cloud.


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