Nettelo Pro

3D Body Scan and Product Matching for Professionals

Nettelo for professionals

Mobile 3D Body Scan and analysis for business enhances features of the Nettelo application for professional use and adds access to the advanced features and capabilities of the Nettelo cloud professional services.

Download the Nettelo Pro app
Download Nettelo Free 3D body scan app
You need to subscribe to Nettelo professional services account to access advanced functionalities from Nettelo Pro.


  • Create and manage multiple customer accounts with individual 3D body shape and body metrics data for each customer.
  • Scan customer’s body with iPhone or iPad side or front-facing cameras and use Nettelo cloud professional services to obtain 3D body digital models with accurate body-metrics information for each customer right on your mobile device.
  • Use calibration pad option for customer scanning  with refined accuracy  (calibration pad PDF is available upon request).
  • Share body scan data between multiple devices automatically.
  • Access Nettelo cloud “@home” services to obtain customer’s 3D self-scan created on the customer personal device with Nettelo app anytime and from anywhere.
  • Obtain list of more than 120 automatic professional body measurements , view and interrogate them in 3D.
  • Customize body measurements list by selecting specific body measurements needed for your business.
  • Amend body measurement list with new dimensions obtained right on the device by applying a virtual tape measure on a customer 3D body model .
  • Use ability to measure: height from the floor, verity of body or body limbs circumferences, spatial and geodesic distance between interactive virtual markers  on the 3D body model.
  • Share 3D body model back to the customer, which they can view and analyze on their personal device anytime and anywhere.
  • Export 3D models into OBJ and STL 3D formats. Send files by email as attachments right from your mobile device.
  • Export full and customized list of the customer’s dimensions to CSV file. Send file by email as attachment right from your mobile device.
  • Get instant apparel size advice for your customers based on the their unique morphology across the major international sizing systems (US, UK, FR, IT, DE)
  • Check how your customer body shape and measurements change over time.
  • Set a customer’s target body goals and then track their progress.