Free 3D body scan app

Nettelo for consumers

Mobile 3D body scan and analysis application for consumers. Provides automatic personal 3D body scan, 3D body model creation, analysis and management for a single user.

Download the Nettelo app
Download Nettelo Free 3D body scan app
Download Nettelo Free 3D body scan app

Get scanned

Get your body scanned with an iOS or Android mobile phone or tablet using side or front-facing device cameras and use Nettelo cloud services to obtain 3D body digital models with your personal body shape and accurate body measurements right on the mobile device. All scan images will be securely saved on your device. You can share this data with on-line or off-line vendors by approving a sharing request.

Nettelo Free 3D body scan app

Measure your body

Nettelo computes main body measurements automatically. Those you use most regularly can be assigned a ‘favorite’ status for easy access. Scroll up and down your 3D body with a virtual tape measure to see how each measurement is taken. New custom measurements can be made by measuring any desired height, width or circumference directly on your body by using the virtual tape measure. You can also measure the distance between two or more interactive body markers.

Nettelo Free 3D body scan app - Digital measurements

Find your size

Get size advice for different types of clothing with major international sizing systems. Nettelo can also recommend size adjustments depending on a clothing item’s fit (slim, relaxed etc.). Nettelo recommendation is based on the generic gradation information and results for some brands may vary.

Nettelo Free 3D body scan app - Size & fit advice

View and interact

View and interact with your 3D body right on the phone or tablet’s touch screen. Simple and familiar gestures allow you to rotate, pan, zoom and view the body from different angles and levels of detail. Customize your body with different textures, skin colors and haircuts. You can also view and analyze your advanced accuracy body made by authorized Nettelo Pro business users and shared bodies from your friends.

Nettelo Free 3D body scan app

Track body changes

Track how your body changes (in 3D) with exercise, diet, pregnancy etc. Compare and contrast your body against past, future, or target bodies. You can compare two bodies with full side-by-side 3D viewing using rotation, zoom and pan actions on both bodies simultaneously. You can also see the animation of how one body morphs into the other in 3D with rotation, zoom and pan. Lastly, you can compare two bodies via a measurement values list side-by-side.

Nettelo Free 3D body scan app - Body tracking

Share and communicate

Share your 3D body and body measurements by email, text or post to Facebook and Twitter.  A shared 3D body can be then viewed on any device using 3D visualization. Share scan data obtained on your device automatically with on-line or off-line vendors by approving a sharing request.

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